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Modern re telling of an old favorite


So upon downloading the kindle ap for my iPhone, I began exploring the Jane Austen related books on Amazon and stumbled upon this wonderful tale

Continuing the tradition set by the movie, Clueless, this story is set in modern times with the same story line but a few hot and steamy scenes.

As I was reading this, I could not help thinking, if Jane Austen was a modern day women, would she have included A bedroom scene in her novels.

For a small cost ($0.99), it is worth taking the time to have a read

Here is the link to the Amazon page which also has other reviews.

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Jane Austen Festival Series – Pittsburgh

Another charming JA Festival (we are such an agreeable bunch), the Pittsburgh chapter of JASNA in 2011 and coming in Spring 2013 host this festival.

Although I can not find much info about the future event, their first festival was a one day event which highlights included speakers, discussions, Ford’s Regency Emporium finishing as any good JA Fest. does with an Assembly Ball.

Here is a link to their website to keep an eye out for new information as the next event draws closer. Also below is the poster for the last festival.


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Jane Austen Festivals of the World Series – Mandeville

Such a charming festival with free and ticketed events definitely worth a look if you’re in the area. Held on a weekend in March, the Sunday events sound particularly enjoyable with a $35 price tag which seems reasonable, you get to experience brunch, entertainment and regency reception with champagne and cake.

Here is the link to the website and don’t forget to mark your diary for next March.

Video of dancing at Mandeville JA Festival

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JA Festivals of the World Series – Louisville, U.S.A

Here is another exciting JA Festival held at a truly lovely location and as you can see lots of Austenish activites to emerce ones self into. Click on the link below to see a comercial of the 2011 festival. Or Here to go straight to the JASA Lousiville site for further info.

Louisville Jane Festival 2011

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JA Festivals of the World Series – Bath U.K.

First in the Jane Austen Festival Series is The Jane Austen Festival in Bath which could be said is the ultimate JA Festival due to Jane Austen herself living in Bath and Northanger Abbey having been partly set in Bath. Because of this there is so much real life Jane Austen in this festival. You can actually visit where she lived and walked which makes it a stand out.

Having attended this festival myself, there is no doubt much enjoyment can be had. Particuly the Promonade through Bath starting at the Pump Room culminating at the Royal Crescent all dressed in regency attire with hundreds of others. As pictured below.

This festival takes place in September each year and also features a regency ball. Here is a link to the Festival website for more info.


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Jane Austen Festivals of the World Series

ImageIntroducing a new post series continuing along the lines of the golden couple series, The Jane Austen Festival Series. I had so much enjoyment when I attended the Jane Austen Festival in Bath in 2010 and hope that series will encourage some other JA lovers who have not been to a similar event, to do so.

There is something about being able to be in the company of fellow Janeites who have the same interest in Jane Austen and her novels. It is nice to know there are people out there who are as crazy about it as you. Also you realise there is so much to learn about all things Jane Austen.

So look out for the first Jane Austen Festival Series which will tell you all a bit about the ultimate JA Festival in Bath.

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Jane Austen Fest. Australia 2012

Jane Austen Fest. Australia 2012

Since this is in my own backyard, felt it was something that I would like to share with you.

This festival in held in Canberra in April and looks like a thrilling event for anyone who loves JA

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Show Notes for eps 76


Chapter 17 of Northanger Abbey

JA news

Sharp Eyes Society

A safehaven for investigation of secret subtext of Jane Austen’s novels

Found this interesting couple of lectures

Jane Austen Review Blog

JAFA 2011

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Where Jane Austen Shops!

Here is a link to a lovely online shop suited to any JA lover:

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Update: The Many Lovers Of Jane Austen

Very happy to day, thanks to Bonny Wise (who I met on my Jane Austen Tour), here is a link to the full length show of The Many Lovers of Jane Austen

The Many Lovers of JA – full length

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