Posted by: ladyhelga | January 31, 2008

JA Remakes

I don’t know about all you Janites out there but in my travels on the web i have seen a lot of slamming of the New Mansfield Park. What it boils down to is that after so many JA remakes being made, the whole idea is just so manufactured and like a product on an Assembly line. Just add a Jane Austen novel, a young leading lady and a semi-sexy leading man equals a Jane Austen classic remake. So the question is are we tired of all these remakes?

As a Jane Austen lover, for me there will always be room for another JA remake. But there will be ones that are my Favs, that stand above the rest and become classics and then others that will never be watched again condemned to sit on a shelf for the remainder of their days.

So what do you think about this? Is there one particular JA film that is just the pits and not worth the time? Or perhaps there is one remake that is miles above the rest?

 Let me know.


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