Posted by: ladyhelga | March 28, 2008


I have been reading a book called Jane Austen and Good Manners by Josephine Ross. The book gives me a further insight into the social interactions that happen in her books. For example ” A word with more doubtful applications is the context of manners, is ‘Ease’: while Elizabeth Bennet is delightful for her ‘easy, playful’ approach to life, affected, self-congratulatory Mrs Elton is censured for possessing ‘too much ease’, in her behaviour towards others.”

 As I read P&P now I can see how this applies. Here are a few more rules list in the book:

Do not attempt to bring friends of different ranks together

Always show restraint on meeting and greeting

Do not call too briefly

Be cautious with comments on others’ dress – compliments included

 It is definitely worth checking out for any JA fan


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