Posted by: ladyhelga | June 30, 2008

Show 42 Notes

Today’s Reading

Chapter 42 of Pride and Prejudice

The family reconciles itself of the loss of the Regiment & Lizzie begins her long awaited trip to Derbyshire with her Aunty and Uncle

 JA news

James Lefroy

Her real Mr Darcy goes up for auction Check it out here

 JA Season in OzLast Sunday on the ABC I watched Mansfield Park staring Billie Piper. Crazy thing is that I have this new adaption on DVD but still be turning on the TV.

Picture of some cast members

Lock of Hair

A lock of said to have been from the great lady herself has sold for 4800 pounds (if it was 100% certain that it belonged to her then it would have sold for much more) and a complete first edition JA first novel sold for 30,000 pounds. 

Jane bites back

Ever wondered what JA crossed with Vampire would be like?Here is the answer. Due is 2009 by Michael Thomas Ford, Jane bites back about a 200 year old vampire Jane Austen. Looks interesting but leads me to wonder what will come next.



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