Posted by: ladyhelga | August 18, 2008

Show Notes for Esp 44

Sorry for the bad sound but have worked out how to fix it now.


Special Guest Host: Jen

Who you may have heard mentioned in previous shows and is one of the bennitt girls.

Today’s Reading

Chapter 44 of Pride and Prejudice

The Introduction of Miss Darcy

Our Discussion

In this chapter it very much evident of Darcy’s feeling toward Elizabeth by making a point of introducing his sister to Elizabeth and in fact making special trip to make this happen along with her Aunt and Uncle taking notice of his partially.


In the first few lines of the chapter we can see that even Elizabeth is surprised by Darcy’s visit to Lambton on the same day as her visit to Pemberley. It is proof again of his feelings for Lizzie.


It is also clearly seen the difference between Lydia & Elizabeth, one falls dramatically into love, were the other comes to a gradual revelation of her feelings. Perhaps age had something to do with this or the difference in character.


Miss Darcy first appears in this chapter and as Jen said she is often a bit misunderstood with many people thinking that she is spoilt.

JA news

Check out this link and see the small desk that JA wrote some of her works.

Jane Austen is my dog

Chosen not for it’s JA content but purely for the name 


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