Posted by: ladyhelga | November 23, 2008

JA Podnovel Esp 51 Notes

Today’s Reading

Chapter 51 of Pride and Prejudice

The introduction of the new Mrs Wickham

JA news


The Jane Austen Collection app for ipod.

Emz from Sweet Dreams Musical Podnovel:

Darcy’s Story by Janet Aylmer takes P&P from Darcy’s view.  It is a little slow in the middle, just sort of reiterates what P&P says and is written very JA like, so it doesn’t move fast.  But the things I liked about this book was that in the beginning, she kind of shows him rescueing Georgianna from the grips of Wickham’s evil plan.  It also shows that Darcy is kind of jealous of Fitzwilliam when they are at Lady Catherine’s and Lizzy is there.  That was kind of cool.  It shows how tortured he is after her saying no to his marriage proposal.  Then it shows what he does after he leaves her to find Wickham in London.  The most exicting part is that it shows their courtship after Lizzy says yes to him.  It explores what he said to her father, how her father reacted and how they kept it from her mother for awhile so she wouldn’t go into hysterics.  I thought it was cool also how during their courtship he takes her to his London house.  He says to her… “Would you go with me and your father to London, then I could show you our house in London.”  It kind of showed that he thought of her as an equal party to his wealth and I really liked that.  A funny part was when Darcy asks Lizzy in private about Mr. Collins and she tells him he had asked her to marry him.  Darcy gets angry.  Lizzy says, “What’s the matter?”  Darcy says, “It is the thought of Mr. Collins and you… of him having the right to… No, it does not bear to think about!”  Hehhee…

It’s cool to see that Darcy has a little jealousy in him about Lizzy. 


JA Golden Couples

New series celebrating JA couples, each week will be focused around a different couple, featuring Videos  all about them. This week has been all about Elizabeth & Mr Darcy with some of my fav vids (1940’s movie short & Lion version of P&P). The coming week is all about Emma & Mr Nightly.







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