Posted by: ladyhelga | November 25, 2008

Golden Couple # 2 Emma & Mr Knightley

So begins our second week of JA golden couples with a new feature duo – Emma & Mr Knightley who, just go to show that you never what is right under your nose or right around the cormer, it could just be the one for you, who has been there all along.

Emma with all her scheming ways at matchmaking and who at the begining of the novel, express’s her opinion that she shall never marry as it has no advantage for her but as her best laid plans fall a part, it is evident that she values Mr Knightley’s good opinion very much. Poor Mr Knightley, who has his patience tested time & time again by Emma untill she finally comes to her senses about her true feelings for Knightley.

So here is to a week dedicated to this charming couple.


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