Posted by: ladyhelga | March 17, 2009

Show Note for Eps. 60


Chapter 60 of Pride and Prejudice 


JA news 


Lost in Austen big screen leap

According to BBC Lost in Austen is set to be made into a movie which is great news & moving it to New York 


Lost in Austen in Oz

Last Sunday saw the premiere on Aust. Tv of Lost in Austen which I am sorry to say has been edited slightly different to UK version, which includes a scene with Amanda Price singing down to where as is the Oz version that scene was completely missed which was a shame. 


The Jane Austen Centre Bath – Quiz

Jane Austen & Clergy Quiz

Sad to say only scored 4/10

Pride & Prejudice, the comic

sneak peak here



  1. Hey again! I saw “Lost in Austen” on the plane during my recent trip to Bangladesh. It’s GREAT (just like you said)!!! I really liked the father character (Hugh Bonneville), Mr. Darcy, and the cinematography. It was fun and smart!


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