Posted by: ladyhelga | April 2, 2010

Exciting News

Those who have listened to my podcast would have heard mention of the Jane Austen Festival in Bath, England which is about 10 days of Jane Austen Fun each September. This year I am happy to say, I will be one of the throng enjoying many of the amusement that Bath and the Jane Austen Festival has to offer.

Another great part of the Festival is dressing in Regency style (brings back memories of attending the Medieval Tournament and wearing a Medieval  gown) which I have started researching, just need to decide if I am going to buy a pattern & have someone make a dress or just buy a dress. If anyone can offer any advice, it would be appreciated.

Also in researching for my trip I have found a number exciting JA based tours and activities along the way which I will bring to you in coming shows.

Along with a visit to my family in the U.K. I will also be spending a few days in London to tour the sites. Although I have been to London & the U.K. before this will be the first I have traveled on my own and this time I want to see more of the tourist sites, just so I can say been there done that.



  1. Wonderful Helen have a great time.

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