Posted by: ladyhelga | June 7, 2010

Show Notes for Eps 77

Exciting Letter
As I have mentioned before, when I visit UK is September I have booked my place on a JA tour by PandP Tours. Recently I received an unexpected letter is the post. I opened it to find another envelope/letter inside which was straight out of a JA movie, sealed with wax with H written on the front. Breaking the seal, I found a great letter inside which if it is anything to go by the tour will be an adventure. This is what the letter said:
My Dear Friend
I was most excessively diverted when I learned that you intend to journey with us into Derbyshire and I noted that the time will be soon upon us.
Let us hope that the English weather is kind, but fear not, we have such merry plans that we are all certain to profit by the experience.
With a hearty supper at Longbourn, a walk into Meryton, and a sighting of that great estate at Pemberley, there will be much to delight us.
Rooms have been reserved for us at The Inn in Meryton and coaching inns fit for Lady Catherine herself for the stages of our journey into the north country. We have taken the liberty of mentioning her name at The Bell in Bromley. We shall have nothing to concern ourselves with except our pleasure. A happy thought indeed.
Until we meet again, I remain your faithful and affectionate servant,
Miss A
Mini comedy series inspired by Confessions & Rude Awakenings of a Jane Austen Addict
Not sure if it is just the name but it brings to mind Sex and the City.
It is that time again to make your vote count
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