Posted by: ladyhelga | March 24, 2012

JA Festivals of the World Series – Bath U.K.

First in the Jane Austen Festival Series is The Jane Austen Festival in Bath which could be said is the ultimate JA Festival due to Jane Austen herself living in Bath and Northanger Abbey having been partly set in Bath. Because of this there is so much real life Jane Austen in this festival. You can actually visit where she lived and walked which makes it a stand out.

Having attended this festival myself, there is no doubt much enjoyment can be had. Particuly the Promonade through Bath starting at the Pump Room culminating at the Royal Crescent all dressed in regency attire with hundreds of others. As pictured below.

This festival takes place in September each year and also features a regency ball. Here is a link to the Festival website for more info.




  1. Cheers, I just stopped by to visit your site and thought I’d say thank you.

    • Thanks. Hope you enjoyed your visit.

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