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Catherine & Mr Tilney

Northanger Abbey (NA) is our current JA novel to be featured, following in the foot steps of the completion of Pride and Prejudice. NA, compared to Austen’s other novels has a younger, more innocent heroine, who has a few things to learn about the world before her tale is through and yet by books end still retains her faith in the world even after experiencing some of the worse aspects of it.

Through out the novel, there is a feeling that Jane Austen is talking directly to us with wisdom that has not lost it’s relevance through time.

Majority of the novel is set in Bath at a time when it had just experianced it’s peak of popularity as a resort town for the elite to recover from the London season. Many as Mr Alan did, went to Bath to take the waters & bath in one of the baths in hopes of curing many ailments.

Jane Austen herself spent time in Bath which explains her familiarity with it. See below for the street where she lived.

JAs home in bath

Run Down

Catherine is a young woman, who in JA own words:


No one who had ever seen Catherine Morland in her infancy would

have supposed her born to be an heroine.


with such a beginning one would wonder what Austen will say next. Catherine Morland, a country miss who is on her first adventure outside her small country village, eager to experience all that Bath has to offer, from taking the waters in the pump room to plays & balls and along the way with a few bumps, falls in love.

Please join me in bring another of Jane Austen’s wonderful tales to life.




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