My JA Trip

Part One

I felt it is long past time to tell you a bit about my Jane Austen Tour since it is now heading towards two years ago that I did go on this tour. Oh well better late than never.

In September 2010, I went on a month long trip where as well as catching up with family & friends, I also enjoyed a great Jane Austen Tour with P&P Tours incorporating the JA festival in Bath.

The tour started in Alton & Chawton were we experienced Jane Austen’s cottage where she lived with her mother & sister which is now a museum for all to enjoy. Above is a picture of my self in one of the rooms of the cottage.

From there we went to Bath & stayed in a lovely townhouse which was about 4 stories high. Very interesting when traveling with a suitcase and features a ball room & carriage house. Here is a picture of myself with other members of my tour outside (I’m in the pink).


We enjoyed a lovely day or so in Bath with a great walking tour. It was interesting to hear the tale of Jane Austen, her mother & sister, from living in a comfortable home when their father was alive to what they were reduced to after his death before being rescued to life at Chawton.

We also enjoyed taking the waters in the famous Pump Room. Here is a picture of myself making the most of it.



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