My Medieval Adventure

I am in the middle

I have attended The Abbey Medieval Festival2 times before as mentioned in the past. Last year my Mother made a dress for me to wear along with a cloak. The picture above is at the Masquerade Ball were you can just see the musicians behind. My Dad and I went together last year and I specially enjoyed the Turkish Oil Wrestling (shirtless men in tight pants with lots of olive oil flowing around). There is much to see and do. Many young boys engaging with mock sword fights.

This year shall be a little different with not just my Dad going with me but my Mum as well. Plus I have purchased a gown online this year. Here is as pictured below. My new gown is set to arrive any day.

 Here I am in this years gown

Here it iswhat my dress should look like

 The Wrap up

So ended another Tournament where I had lots of fun and by the end was worn out & sad to see the end of 2 days of jamb packed Medievil dancing, learning and more. Especially enjoyed the mead (we got the last glass left) and Turkish Delight made from a traditional Turish Recipe.



Looking a little bit worse for wear

Looking a little bit worse for wear

Don't kick too high!

Don't kick too high!

Men and their horses 



  1. Hey Helen, I like the dress! So what’s going on with the podcast… I would love to discuss chapters but if that’s not what you want, let me know! 🙂 It’s your show and I’d like to make a guest appearance…. 😀

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