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The Many Lovers Of Jane Austen

Short except of The Many Lovers of Jane AustenFound about this tv show via another JA site. Shame have not seen it on Australian TV yet but looks interesting especially to find out about JA Lovers through out history especially to consider at once there was a large male movement called Janeites.

If you have an opportunity to watch this, do so.

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Getting my act together

It has been a while since my last show & blog post with a number of exciting things happening. You could say this post is my first step to recovery another words getting my act together to get back to producing shows & sharing my love of JA with you once again.

One of the exciting & also inspiring events was join many other Jane Austen lovers for the PandP tours Pride and Prejudice tour. But more on that in my next posts.

So saying that I am now reaffirming my intentions to produce new JA Podnovel episodes & blog posts.

Coming soon will be a page devoted to all the details of my UK trip including the JA Fest & a facebook group just for the JA Podnovel.

So watch this space (to use an old saying).

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Any Jane Austen tourist dream tour

 Presented by P and P tours (which I have mentioned in a past podcast) is a wonderful tour which includes  visits to as per below . 9 full days of Austen madness starting in Alton and concluding in Bath and the Jane Austen Festival.

I am happy to say that I have booked to go on this particular tour which is definitely my JA dream tour. It is so exciting and I can’t wait for this to happen.

This is just one of the many JA themed tours and events conducted by P and P tours each year (along with a number of other themed tours). Here is a link to their website where you can sign up for their email newsletter.

Tour includes:

  • Professional guides: Tour director & BBC production expert Helen Wilkinson, and Jane Austen expert & author Hazel Jones
  • Entrance fees to all locations used in BBC 1995 “Pride and Prejudice” filming locations
  • Regency supper at Longbourn with exclusive access to house & gardens
  • Private presentation and walking tour ‘In Jane Austen’s Footsteps’ Bath
  • Accommodation, tour & soiree at filming location of Sir Walter’s home in Bath
  • The JA Festival promenade
  • Special tours of Jane Austen House Museum Chawton,  The Great House at Chawton, The Jane Austen Centre, & Chawton village as Jane knew it  
  • Coffee with Mr Darcy, Coffee at Pratt’s Hotel, Coffee at Cassandra’s Cup
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    Show Notes for Eps 77

    Exciting Letter
    As I have mentioned before, when I visit UK is September I have booked my place on a JA tour by PandP Tours. Recently I received an unexpected letter is the post. I opened it to find another envelope/letter inside which was straight out of a JA movie, sealed with wax with H written on the front. Breaking the seal, I found a great letter inside which if it is anything to go by the tour will be an adventure. This is what the letter said:
    My Dear Friend
    I was most excessively diverted when I learned that you intend to journey with us into Derbyshire and I noted that the time will be soon upon us.
    Let us hope that the English weather is kind, but fear not, we have such merry plans that we are all certain to profit by the experience.
    With a hearty supper at Longbourn, a walk into Meryton, and a sighting of that great estate at Pemberley, there will be much to delight us.
    Rooms have been reserved for us at The Inn in Meryton and coaching inns fit for Lady Catherine herself for the stages of our journey into the north country. We have taken the liberty of mentioning her name at The Bell in Bromley. We shall have nothing to concern ourselves with except our pleasure. A happy thought indeed.
    Until we meet again, I remain your faithful and affectionate servant,
    Miss A
    Mini comedy series inspired by Confessions & Rude Awakenings of a Jane Austen Addict
    Not sure if it is just the name but it brings to mind Sex and the City.
    It is that time again to make your vote count
    Follow the link to cast your vote
    Search engine for all things  Austen
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    Show Notes for eps 75

    Jane Austen Day out

    In my research for my trip to UK in September, I came across this great day out for any Jane Austen lover. Photographer, Christine Sweetman offers a special day out in Regency costume which includes high tea, makeover & visits to locations along with photos of the whole experience. Here is the link.

    April Fools post

    Great April fool’s post on the Jane Austen World blog which reported that supposedly a new discovery of letters written by Jane Austen have been discovered. A very convincing tale.

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    Exciting News

    Those who have listened to my podcast would have heard mention of the Jane Austen Festival in Bath, England which is about 10 days of Jane Austen Fun each September. This year I am happy to say, I will be one of the throng enjoying many of the amusement that Bath and the Jane Austen Festival has to offer.

    Another great part of the Festival is dressing in Regency style (brings back memories of attending the Medieval Tournament and wearing a Medieval  gown) which I have started researching, just need to decide if I am going to buy a pattern & have someone make a dress or just buy a dress. If anyone can offer any advice, it would be appreciated.

    Also in researching for my trip I have found a number exciting JA based tours and activities along the way which I will bring to you in coming shows.

    Along with a visit to my family in the U.K. I will also be spending a few days in London to tour the sites. Although I have been to London & the U.K. before this will be the first I have traveled on my own and this time I want to see more of the tourist sites, just so I can say been there done that.

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    Show Notes for Eps. 74

    Pride & Prejudice at The Grand

    A production of Pride & Prejudice will be running from April 3rd so anyone in the area of London should check it. Follow the link to view a video preview and an interview with the director.

    Prequel to Pride & Prejudice & Zombies

    Set fours years before P&P&Z, here is another monster mash up and I am sure those who have already read P&P&Z will be keen to get the background of this tale titled Pride & Prejudice & Zombies: Dawn of the Dreadfuls. Link to video

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    On my latest trip to the library, I found in the shelves Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict written by Laurie Viera Rigler which I have mentioned in past shows. It was exciting to see this book on the shelves and have barely put it down since taking it home.

    What is suprising, unlike many Jane Austen type novels and along the line of the Jane Austen Book Club, this story is not a re-invention or continuation of a JA but a story about Courtney Stone (a closet JA addict) who wakes to find herself in an unknown body in an unknown bedroom set in the era of Jane Austen.

    We learn through the chapters that Courtney is dealing having her heart-broken and is learning many life lesions about relationships along the way with some help of JA wisdom thrown in.

     Here is one particular section which stands out:

    “And then it hits me. Regardless of what era I’m in right now, or how I’m supposed to fulfill my so-called destiny, I refuse to make my destiny a lifetime of nights in the arms of yet another man I don’t care about but want to care about because the alternative is being along or even worse, a man I care about even though I know he can never give me what I really want.”

    This is one book I would recommend any JA addict reading especially those dealing with a relationship breakup.

    Next read after this will have to be Rude Awakenings of a Jane Austen Addict.

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    Show Notes for eps. 72

    What’s on this season of Masterpiece Classics

    Starting with Emma on 24th January followed by Northanger Abbey & Persuasion all three of these adaptations were shown last year but one can never get enough.

    In a related topic, listen to this quote from Masterpiece executive  Rebecca Eaton regarding Jane Austen:

    “We are not stupid: Jane Austen is catnip to our audience. Unfortunately, she only wrote six books and she’s dead”


    dolce bellezza

    toledo blade

    Hot blogs

    Hist-Flic Chick

    Looks like a cool blog currently featuring Jane Austen week which includes guest post from Sharon Lathan, author of The Darcy Saga.

    My Austen Dream World

    This is a blog that any Jane Austen addict would relate to & feels quite at home with & there is a great interview of Justin who Aurora met at the Jane Austen Festival in Bath, definitely worth checking out.

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    Show Notes Eps 66


    Chapter 6 of Northanger Abbey

    JA news



    Fashion in the age of Jane Austen

    Exhibit showcasing examples of dress during her lifetime at the National Galley in Melbourne till 8th November 2009, so if you’re in the area drop in.

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